Kane Took Another Monstrous Step Toward Running For Mayor Of Knox County, Tennessee

Glenn Jacobs, the man better known as the masked/half-masked/unmasked/re-masked/re-unmasked/re-re-masked monster/burn victim/supernatural demon/hug opponent/world’s greatest director of operations Kane, has been off WWE television for a while now. The scuttlebutt going around was that he is gearing up to make a serious run for political office, which is something he’s been talking about for a long time.

According to WBIR, Jacobs has filed paperwork with the Knox County Election Commission to appoint a political treasurer, Brian Carl, for his campaign. While this is not yet an official announcement or confirmation that Kane is running for the position of Mayor of Knox County in the near future … well, Kane of all people can tell you that where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

The election in question would take place on May 1, 2018, but political campaigns take a good long while to set up and run effectively. Jacobs and his wife have made their home in Knox County for many years, and they own an insurance company together there.

If (when) Kane runs, it seems likely he will run as a Republican, and he’ll face several potential opponents, including Knox County Commissioner Bob Thomas and Knox County Sheriff Jimmy “J.J.” Jones, who is probably currently engaged in a multi-year feud with Jumpin’ Jeff Farmer in the Carolinas. Good thing Kane is no stranger to multi-man matches.

(h/t The Hill)

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