WWE’s Kane Bags On Lane Kiffin, But Would Love To See Ronda Rousey Wrestle

10.26.15 3 years ago 5 Comments

Want to watch a TMZ drone have the most dad conversation with the former Director of Operations for WWE? And I mean seriously, Kane is one “Nice to meet you, hungry, I’m Kane” joke away from going FULL DAD. The glasses hooked over his awful neutral-colored t-shirt, immediately asking what the score in the Vols game is… I mean, is there anyone convinced that if they panned down, he wouldn’t be wearing black socks and Birkenstock sandals?

Kane, who actually runs a successful insurance company with his wife in Knoxville, Tennessee, has some strong words about the Crimson Tide’s current offensive coordinator (and former Tennessee Volunteers head coach) Lane Kiffin. I wasn’t aware that people had nice things to say about Lane Kiffin, so this is no surprise, but still. As an aside, if Kane isn’t aware of his multiple personalities, can we get him as a douchey football dad named Kane Liffen?

The WWE Superstar is then asked about Ronda Rousey, because Rousey coming back to WWE will be constantly talked about until she’s judo tossing Stephanie McMahon across three states or whatever. Rousey is still giving the same teaser soundbite of saying true fans would want to be surprised, but she ‘definitely’ wants to come back. So, how does Kane feel?

I dunno, I don’t think any of us could tell her what to do.

I think she’d do great! She does great at everything she does. I mean, she’s in the movies, she’s in everything. She’s just one of those people. She’s, uh, you know, she’s a cross-platform superstar.

“… the movies.” Full Dad status confirmed.

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