Kane Thinks A Brothers Of Destruction Movie Would Be Awesome

Good news, direct-to-DVD horror fans!  See No Evil 2 is available via on-demand services today (DVD/Blu-ray next week), and Kane is back to his murder-happy ways.  For the uninitiated: The original See No Evil, in which Kane played eye-removing serial killer Jacob Goodnight, came out in 2006.  Anyway, I’d like to direct your attention to Kane’s recent interview on Alternative Nation, because he mentioned a pretty cool idea for a potential WWE Films project down the line.

What would you envision happening in a Kane origins movie? What backstories that we’ve seen discussed on TV over the years do you think would be shown in a film like that?

That actually would be quite interesting, wouldn’t it? Because the thing that made Kane so unique, and such a great character in WWE, is that he does have a backstory that’s unique to him. He’s a character within sort of the WWE Universe, and he’s a clearly defined character. So yeah, that would be really cool, because you could get into the whole history of what happened with Kane and The Undertaker as kids, so that would be interesting.

I feel like there were rumors of this actually happening around the time of Undertaker’s “Last Outlaw” character, does anyone else remember that?  In any case, I’d be on board with this happening, as long as they don’t call it Brothers of Destruction: Origins or make it all CW Network and turn Kane and ‘Taker into sexy, aloof teenagers.  Kane also went on to discuss other horror movies, and I’ve gotta say, he knows his stuff.

My favorite movie of all time is Silence of the Lambs.  Of course Hannibal Lecter I think is the greatest movie monster ever, whereas the other serial killers are just running around killing people, Hannibal is smarter than the rest of us, and that’s what makes him particularly terrifying.  Also the first Halloween I thought was really well done, John Carpenter is a brilliant director.  I really enjoyed the Nightmare on Elm Street series, because Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger was different, because you have the wisecracking monster.

Does anyone else just want to hang out with Kane now and talk about scary movies? I need to know his opinion on New Nightmare ASAP.