WWE’s Kane Is Now Seriously The Mayor Of Knox County, Tennessee


Hey, remember that time when Kane decided to take off his mask, slap on a suit, get past the whole “The Devil’s Favorite Demon” thing, and run for mayor of Knox Count, Tennessee? Well guess what: The election took place on Thursday night, and the guy who once electrocuted Shane McMahon’s crotch won.

Kane — or as he’s known to the fine people of Tennessee, still Kane Glenn Jacobs — won the race fairly easily. Running as a Republican in a county that went red during the 2016 presidential election, Jacobs is believed to have comfortably beaten his opponent, Democrat Linda Haney.

As of writing this, the official Knox County website shows Jacobs is up on Haney by more than 16,000 votes with 96 percent of votes counted. He has accrued a hair above 65 percent of all votes cast and oh my god Kane is going to be an elected politician what on earth. To make things even more official, WWE called the election, too.

There is no word on how being the mayor of the third-largest county in Tennessee will impact his ability to perform in the squared circle, but he did say at the end of 2017 that he thought his time as a main eventer was coming to an end. Regardless, congratulations to Jacobs on the accomplishment. Please do not be bad at being mayor.