Watch Kelly Kelly’s Emotional Reaction To Interacting With The Ghost Of Test (No, Really)

Have you been wondering what former WWE performer Kelly Kelly has been up to? Has she escaped the wacky, unrealistic world of pro wrestling to a much more grounded lifestyle full of normal, even mundane experiences? Haha, nope.

The Diva so nice they named her twice made her move from wrestling to modeling to reality television, where her signature blonde hair and dead eyes can be seen each week on WAGS. The E! show features the wives and girlfriends of various athletes as they cavort about town, drinking mimosas and talking to their dead ex-boyfriends via sassy spiritual mediums.

No, really.

Kelly Kelly – real name Barbie Blank – is featured as the wife of former NHL defenceman Sheldon Souray. The ex in question? Former WWE Superstar Adam “Test” Martin. Blank had dated Martin prior to his death in 2009 from an accidental overdose of Oxycodone. Despite their relationship ending prior to his death, Blank still refers to his drug addiction and eventual passing as one of the hardest things she’s ever dealt with. Now, thanks to…whatever seems to be happening on this show, she seems to have gotten some real cry-faced closure. Bless you, E! You and everything you think is a great idea.

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