Kevin Durant Totally Messed Up A Stone Cold Steve Austin Victory Beer Chug

The 2017 NBA Finals was perhaps most notable for its lack of pro wrestling references. Yeah, probably most notable for that. Hang on, let me back up. The 2016 NBA Finals was chock-a-block full of wrestling nods, from the Cavaliers storming back from a 3-1 series deficit after LeBron James just happened to wear an Undertaker shirt, to Kevin Love partying exactly like Stone Cold Steve Austin, to LeBron choosing to troll the Warriors with an Ultimate Warrior shirt when the Cavs returned to Cleveland victorious.

So yeah, after 2016, we’re a LITTLE disappointed that there wasn’t nearly as much pro wrestling this time around, but get ready to be even more disappointed! Because the best story of the 2017 NBA Finals — the redemption of Kevin Durant — featured the absolute worst attempt at a Stone Cold celebration ever. Ever.

Back in the Warriors’ locker room after their championship victory on Monday night, Durant tried to get down like Stone Cold. But he failed miserably. I mean, we can cut the guy some slack for not being Rob Gronkowski or anything, but even I, who have never had a sip of beer in my life, know that you’re at least supposed to OPEN THE BEERS FIRST YA DING-DONG.

Yes, Kevin Durant is bad at being Steve Austin. But there’s a simple explanation here: Kevin Durant probably hates beer. Here’s an indication of him hating beer:

Okay, Kevin. We forgive you, you enormous goober. Now let’s wait for Triple H to send the Dubs another custom world title, and hope that Draymond Green Rock Bottoms a police horse or something during the victory parade.

(h/t SB Nation)