Kevin Love Celebrated The Cavaliers’ NBA Championship While Wearing An ‘Austin 3:16’ Shirt

So what do you do after you help the Cleveland Cavaliers win their first NBA title ever? You party like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, son. The Cavs went into enemy territory and beat the Golden State Warriors, who just put together the greatest regular season in NBA history, including coming back from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals. So Love let everyone in the entire world know: Austin 3:16 says, “I just whipped your ass.”

The amazing thing is, this isn’t even the first Cavs player to proudly rep an iconic pro wrestler this series, as LeBron James sported a swank faux-vintage Undertaker shirt during Cleveland’s workout day … right before they came back from the dead and went all the way.

And yes, don’t worry, Love celebrated in true Stone Cold style in the locker room later on.

And amazingly, it looks like Love – or someone – even brought the Steve Austin “Smoking Skull” title belt with them to the party, if this second photo of Timofey Mozgov below is to be believed.

I think Stone Cold himself would give this a big “HELL YEAH” of approval. I think there’s a pretty strong chance this display will earn Love the highest honor Steve Austin can bestow: saying “Swig O’ Beer” on his podcast. Congrats, Kevin! And congrats to all of the other Cleveland Cavaliers.

Between the Cavs and Dean Ambrose winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Sunday was a very, very big night for Ohio sports.