Kevin Nash Doesn’t Think WWE Actually Wanted A Blowoff Match Between Him And CM Punk

It’s been just slightly over six years since WWE ran a few-months-long story focusing on the three-way feud between CM Punk, Kevin Nash, and Triple H. Actually, it began as just a feud between Nash and Punk, with Triple H pulling the strings, but WWE abruptly shifted directions, canceling an announced Nash vs. Punk match and reworking it into Punk vs. Triple H in the main event of Night of Champions 2011.

It was a weird storyline that involved a lot of “your balls are probably in a purse” comments, which was the style at the time, so in order to spare you a bunch of words, just take a look at this handy recap package that WWE was helpful enough to still have on YouTube.

During a recent appearance in X-Pac 1-2-360, Nash gave his own take on why that blowoff match — or any singles match — never ended up going down against Punk, despite that seeming to be the whole direction and reasoning behind Nash costing Punk his first title reign as WWE Champion.

“I don’t know if [WWE] wanted it to happen. When I came back … I had never been there when it was ‘this is your script and you have to follow it.’ So I get there, and I’m reading [Punk’s lines] and he’s burying me, and I don’t have any rebuttals. It’s one of those situations — and you know, [Triple H] is one of my best friends on Earth.

“If you remember the scenario, I came down and stuck Punk, and then [Alberto] Del Rio came down and [used] his Money in the Bank [contract] and took his belt. So [Punk] comes out the next Monday, and cuts this promo about, ‘Laugh out loud, I heard you were dead, Kliq Kliq Kliq, your knees,’ and I’m thinking to myself, ‘Let me get this right: I just cost you the world title, and you’re just going to do standup up here, and bury me because I’m old?’ … If it was 1997 right now, you’d be with the marks, out in the crowd, not standing up here. Because we didn’t let the marks wrestle back then.

“[I would have preferred to say] I’m old? Okay, it’s probably going to take me a minute and a half to get out there, so … I’m gonna give you three [options]: you go in the back, call it a day; you wait til I get out there and say ‘I apologize, Mr. Nash’ and then go in the back; or third, we’re off script, let’s see what you’ve got.

“I would’ve liked to see what he would’ve done if I would’ve just went up there and just bear pawed him in the side of the face. But Paul was the boss. They asked me to come back … they said, ‘Will you stick him at SummerSlam?’ I said yeah. That’s all I was supposed to do. I wasn’t supposed to stick around.”

The whole interview has a lot of great stories, including one of Nash and X-Pac tripping balls on chocolate-covered magic mushrooms. Take a listen below.