Kevin Nash Wants To Return To WWE So He Can Partner Up With Dolph Ziggler

Kevin Nash loves making an entrance. Whether it’s invading WCW, or showing up at the Royal Rumble in 2011, this dude loves a good surprise. Nash recently revealed that we could very well see the WWE Hall of Famer back in action, but only on one of two conditions: to form a brand new nWo, or be Dolph Ziggler’s Diesel.

Yeah, no, he really said that.

People always say would you ever come back to wrestling and I say to myself I’d come back and be [Dolph] Ziggler’s Diesel because that’s all he needs. Number one, he’s not a face. Ziggler is a heel and I wouldn’t have to say a word because he can talk. I’ve already had mine. But for the bigger guys, he needs somebody to stomp them.

He does the same thing Shawn [Michaels] did. He takes every bump in the world. He takes every beating from the guys and then usually they beat him. But to me, his in ring performance is as good as anybody’s in the business right now. He works so hard.

While the reality would see two cool dudes in leather pants busting up the main roster, I can’t help but imagine Nash carrying Ziggler around in a Heartbreak Kid-styled Baby Björn. Whoa, now there’s a thing I never knew I needed in my life.

Transcription h/t to WrestlingInc

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