Kevin Owens Deserves To Win Money In The Bank, Both For Himself And For WWE Fans

06.18.16 3 years ago 21 Comments

The Money in the Bank match is a fascinating proposition, because it’s a metaphor brought to life: six men will climb a ladder for the chance to face the WWE champion, and that man’s life will likely change forever. What’s even more interesting is that this year’s contest boasts four men who are the future of this business, plus two former World Champions. I won’t go into specifics about why or how each man deserves the title shot, or who will win this match in what means. (For that, you can check out our preview and predictions of the event.) What I will do, however, is proclaim from the highest mountaintop that one man, and only one man, deserves the honor of facing the World Champion when he pleases, and that man is Kevin Owens.

Owens has proven himself in the mid-card since his arrival, when he and John Cena put on a series of excellent matches in three consecutive pay-per-views. He’s proven himself in matches on TV with the likes of Dean Ambrose, Neville, AJ Styles, Cesaro, Sami Zayn, and more. He’s proven that he can “go” with just about everyone, and he holds that magic gift of promotion: there are few (Bray Wyatt excluded) who can elaborate upon his motivations for battle better than he. Owens does not look the part of a World Champion — he’s the antithesis of a Randy Orton, but that’s part of what makes Owens work. We have enough Ortons (hell, one Orton is enough).

At this point, Owens is already a main eventer. This isn’t about “elevating” him by giving him the briefcase. This is about what the fans need from the MITB winner. What we need is more Owens.

I know, I know – all signs lead to Dean Ambrose winning this thing on Sunday night. As if we needed more foreshadowing, all three former members of The Shield have been embroiled in a three-way battle of sorts on television. But, don’t you dare hold WWE to their word. They’ve fooled us before, and what I’m asking for is another swerve in the direction of Owens. He deserves it. And so do we.

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