Kofi Kingston Has Been Replaced In The Main Event At WWE Fastlane


It looks like Kofi-Mania lasted a grand total of one episode of WWE Smackdown Live.

After being announced as a late substitution for Mustafa Ali in the Elimination Chamber, Kingston took advantage of the opportunity and made his rightful claim for a main event spot. He lasted an hour in a gauntlet match, came within seconds of claiming the WWE title inside the chamber and pinned the champion on the first Smackdown after the big event.

For all of that, Kingston seemed to have earned a title shot at Fastlane against Daniel Bryan. That was at least until Vince McMahon showed up Tuesday night for Smackdown. The chairman of the WWE announced he would be replacing Kingston with the returning Kevin Owens.

Owens has been out since October, and his vignettes in recent weeks prepared us for a return, but not quite on this level — an immediate title shot with Bryan. Him being thrust right into a main event spot certainly speaks to WWE’s feelings of the former Universal champion near the main event on a talented, but crowded Smackdown roster.

For Kingston, it would seem something has to give in the weeks leading to WrestleMania. Outside of anyone named Becky Lynch and the recently returning Roman Reigns, there might not be any act hotter than Kingston.