Kevin Owens Returned To NXT To Confront Sami Zayn In Milwaukee, So Go Watch It Right Now

Sami Zayn is back in NXT, but there’s one thing missing from his redemption story: Kevin Owens.

Owens entered NXT as Sami’s best friend, but quickly turned his back on him and emotionally manipulated his way into an NXT Championship shot. He got it and destroyed Sami, and the rematch ended with Sami being attended to by EMTs and Samoa Joe having to step in and save him. Zayn’s shoulder injury from that match was exacerbated in his Raw debut against John Cena, causing him to miss several months of in-ring competition. Meanwhile, Kevin Owens sauntered up to the main roster, pinned John Cena clean and became a regular fixture on WWE television. He main-evented Monday’s Raw against the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, per the order of Vince McMahon.

Never underestimate KO’s desire to throw Sami Zayn under a bus, though.

Owens made a surprise appearance at Thursday’s NXT live event in Milwaukee to confront Zayn, call him a “pumpkin-headed piece of garbage” (among other things) and use his main-roster success as a bullying tactic. There’s a lot to love about this, but nothing more than the fact that no matter how successful Owens becomes, he will always, always have to filter it through Sami Zayn. He could win a Nobel prize and go to the moon, and you can bet the next day he’d be at Zayn’s doorstep in an astronaut suit to bash Sami in the head with the award.

I guess they’re destined to do this forever.