One Of Raw’s Champions Has Made The Official Jump To Smackdown

Just like Monday’s episode of Raw, Tuesday night’s Smackdown Live didn’t waste any time whatsoever in making its first move of the Superstar Shake-Up, as Kevin Owens’ music opened the show. The current, reigning United States Champion, as clean-shaven as he’s ever been in his entire time in WWE, strode to the ring in a telling blue tie and welcomed everyone to the NEW Kevin Owens Show.

True to form, Owens got right down to business by insulting the Boston fans and, more importantly, the Bruins. Then he spoke some French and called them morons for not understanding. He challenged anyone in the locker room to come to the ring and do something about it if they have a problem with him. He said he’s here for himself, and he’s here to be the new face of America.

Owens’ challenge was answered by the Lone Wolf, Baron Corbin, who talked about how he beat Dean Ambrose last week, and if he could beat the man who beat Owens on Monday night, he knows he can beat Owens. And besides, he’s owed a championship match anyway.

And just when Owens thought he had the situation under control, both men were interrupted by some familiar music, as Sami Zayn revealed he had ALSO made the jump from Raw.

Zayn said that Owens had better believe it, because he is finally on Smackdown. Then none other than AJ Styles came out, and said that he is staying on Smackdown Live. All three men wanted a shot at Owens’ U.S. title, which brought out Smackdown general manager Daniel Bryan.

Bryan said that Owens is still slated to defend his title against Chris Jericho at Payback, and the winner of that match will stay on Smackdown. The United States Championship will not be defended on Smackdown until after Payback, but what Bryan is going to do is set up a No. 1 contender match between Styles, Zayn, and Corbin. That match, of course, will happen later on Tuesday’s show.