Kevin Owens Busted Open Vince McMahon With A Shoot Headbutt

09.12.17 6 months ago 26 Comments

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Smackdown Live promised a huge show from Las Vegas on Tuesday night, which included a much-hyped appearance from Vince McMahon, who hasn’t appeared on Smackdown in years. The ending of Smackdown definitely lived up to the hype, as it went off the air with an unexpectedly shocking and violent ending.

The reason that McMahon was on Smackdown in the first place was because of Kevin Owens. Last week, Owens insulted Shane McMahon, the Smackdown commissioner, after weeks of what Owens felt were perceived slights from Shane. Owens insulted Shane’s family, and finally Shane snapped and attacked Owens. Owens did not retaliate, and threatened to press charges. Smackdown general manager Daniel Bryan received a call from Vince McMahon, who made him inform Shane that he was suspended indefinitely.

Not satisfied with the suspension, Owens threatened to press charges against WWE and the McMahons, and that’s when Bryan broke the news that Vince would appear on Smackdown this week.

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