Kevin Owens Talked About What It Was Like To Headbutt Vince McMahon

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10.06.17 4 Comments

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Kevin Owens has had a successful WWE run since the company signed him in 2014. He’s been an NXT Champion, an Intercontinental Champion, a Universal Champion, and most recently, the United States Champion. As far as three-year runs go, you won’t find too many that are better than this.

You’d think that all these accomplishments would tell you how high WWE is on Owens as a performer, but all the titles pale in comparison to the infamous Vince McMahon headbutt. It was violent. It was different. It was shocking. It was Kevin Owens’ defining moment thus far.

When Vince McMahon puts that kind of faith in you, it means something. A very small collection of WWE talent gets the honor of beating up the boss, and the fact that Vince chose Owens, a guy who made his name outside of WWE’s walls, is kind of fascinating. Who could have predicted that Kevin Steen would be in this spot five years ago?

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