Former WWE Wrestler Kid Kash’s Latest MMA Fight Ended When He Got Knocked Out In 39 Seconds

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11.07.16 2 Comments

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We all know how CM Punk‘s pro MMA debut went. (It went spectacularly badly, for the record.) Punk is hardly the first pro wrestler to try his hand at fighting. There’s Brock Lesnar, Batista, Bobby Lashley … the list goes on. But one of the first wrestlers to make the leap in the modern era is former WWE, ECW and TNA wrestler Kid Kash (real name David Kash), who has been dabbling in MMA for several years.

Recently, in advance of his latest MMA bout, Kash decided to call out CM Punk in one of the most bizarre ways possible, during an interview with MMA Fighting.

Cash said he has no respect for Punk, that he never paid his dues. And he’d love to try and teach him a lesson inside of the cage.

“I would be there with bells on it,” Cash said. “I would love to fight that f*cker, I really would. … He would be in for a very rude awakening. That f*cker couldn’t beat my meat; he couldn’t.”

That’s terrible trash talk, and also please never say that again. Of course, it’s standard procedure to be full of piss abd vinegar and cockiness leading up to an MMA bout. So how did Kid Kash’s fight go, then? Well …

Yep, Kash competed against Lindsay Jones and got knocked out in a brisk 39 seconds. This was only Kash’s second “verifiable” MMA fight, according to MMA Fighting. Valor Fights claims that he has a 7-3 record in unsanctioned fights, but there’s only an official record of one other bout, which he also lost.

His first MMA fight came way back in 2008, when he lost by decision after being docked three points during the fight due to rules violations. (For the record, three points being deducted is pretty much unthinkable at the top level of MMA.) You can see highlights from that fight below:

Kash is currently 47 years old and claims to just be competing in MMA as a personal challenge, saying he knows there’s no real future in the sport for someone his age and experience level. Maybe he should stop trash-talking Punk quite so much if that’s the case. And he should definitely stop talking about whether anyone can beat his meat.

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