Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs Won The WWE 24/7 Championship At UT’s Neyland Stadium

Tonight’s WWE Raw is live from Knoxville, Tennessee. Knoxville, which happens to be my home town, has a special connection to WWE, as you probably know, because the Mayor of Knox County is Glenn Jacobs, known to wrestling fans as Kane. So it was no surprise when Mayor Jacobs met up with R-Truth and Carmella at the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame Museum. What was interesting is that he was never called Kane, only Mayor Glenn Jacobs. R-Truth insisted that Glenn looked familiar, and Carmella clearly knew who he was, but in typical R-Truth fashion, he guessed a bunch of basketball players too fast for anyone to fill him in.

When Mayor Jacobs offered R-Truth a tour of the Knoxville sights in his limo, it was pretty clear where things were headed, and unfortunately for Truth, Carmella didn’t come along to look after him. Their first stop, in a segment later in the show, was Neyland Stadium at the University of Tennessee, where the Volunteers play. Truth still hadn’t figured out who Jacobs was, and kept calling him the President. The Mayor then introduced Truth to a police officer, and explained that he swore the man in… but not as a police officer, as a referee. That’s when Truth finally figured out he should get out of there, but it was too late.

Tonight’s win makes Glenn Jacobs the first ever sitting Mayor to win a WWE Championship. As Sean Ross Sapp pointed out on Twitter, this was also technically Jacobs’ first WWE match in 2019, meaning that he’s now wrestled in WWE every year since 1995. Quite an achievement for a small-town Tennessee mayor.

UPDATE: Later tonight, Raw caught up with the Mayor of Knox Country as he arrived at Monday Night Raw in his limo, but with R-Truth secretly riding on the roof. No sooner did Jacobs exit the limo than R-Truth knocked him down and rolled him up to regain the 24/7 Championship. At that point the Mayor briefly turned back into Kane, preparing to Chokeslam Truth, but Truth convinced him to agree to a truce and enjoy being back home at Monday Night Raw.