Watch Kofi Kingston Impale Himself To Avoid Elimination In The Royal Rumble

As we’ve learned throughout the past few years, wrestling fans can count on three things: Death, taxes and Kofi Kingston‘s absolutely incredible knack for dodging elimination in the Royal Rumble match. Sure, he’s never won the whole thing yet, but he’s had some seriously jaw-dropping moments while trying.

There was that time he used JBL’s chair to pogo himself back to the ring, that time he took a running jump off of a barricade and cleared about 10 feet, and that time he was rescued by Adam Rose’s Rosebuds and carried back to the ring, to name but a few. But his Royal Rumble save this year might have been his most ridiculous yet.

Kingston, who entered the Rumble at No. 14, was on top of the ringpost when Baron Corbin knocked him off. Kingston managed to stave off elimination by impaling himself on the ringpost. Yes, you read that right: Dude crushed his already concave chest to save himself. Watch the incredible sequence below.