Kota Ibushi Shot Fireworks On Himself And Moonsaulted Off A Car

There’s a reason Kota Ibushi is one of the most beloved wrestlers on the entire international independent scene. Well, there are several reasons. He’s really dang good, and he tends to make jaws drop wherever he goes. But he’s also completely f*cking bonkers and had been for a very long time. And he turned down like a billion WWE big-money offers just so he can hang around on the indies and keep doing batsh*t nuts stuff all he wants.

To wit: on Sunday, Ibushi wrestled for XWA in Bethnal Green, London, and was part of a tag team match that spilled out into a back alley, involved him shooting fireworks all over the damn place — including all over his own chest — and then moonsaulting off a car onto a bunch of recent fireworks victims. As one does.

It’s hard to say what the best part is. It’s probably the fireworks. But my favorite part is Ibushi screaming like a maniac with a bunch of firework soot all over his body. Between Ibushi and the Broken Hardys, it’s been a banner 12 months for fireworks in professional wrestling. I mean Goldberg’s sparklers are back, too, so maybe we’re all just gearing up for the summer.

Note: please don’t shoot fireworks at yourself or anyone else. Even when it’s awesome and hilarious, like in the above video. Also don’t moonsault off a car. Unless you’re Kota Ibushi, I guess.