Kurt Angle Has A New Wrestling Contract With The Only Company That Will Take Him

It’s official, everyone. Kurt Angle has re-signed to TNA and he couldn’t be happier…maybe.

Loosely translated: “so yeah, WWE still doesn’t want me and TNA won’t stop calling so I guess I have to get this money.” Let’s check out the press release:

“Kurt Angle’s arrival nearly a decade ago put TNA on the map. Now Kurt leads a fresh, young IMPACT WRESTLING locker room into a whole new era on Destination America,” said TNA President Dixie Carter. “Once Kurt steps inside those ropes there is no greater talent in professional wrestling.”

“I’m extremely excited to remain with TNA Wrestling,” said Angle. “The driving force behind my signing is the honesty, great communication and positive changes being made by Dixie Carter and John Gaburick. Things are moving upward and forward at TNA, and 2015 will be a great one for all of us at IMPACT WRESTLING.”

Remember, this comes on the heels of Angle spending months saying he would go to WWE once HHH starts answering his calls. But, you know, brain scans and whatnot. Still, TNA is happy to have him do top rope somersaults for the WB Network’s 2am slot or whatever. Congratulations to Kurt Angle and TNA.

Now who’s Rusev going to wrestle and WrestleMania?