Kurt Angle Will Bring The Three I’s To WWE Raw As The New General Manager

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After over a decade apart, Kurt Angle is finally back where he belongs: WWE. The multiple-time world champion and Olympic gold medalist has never stopped wrestling, but he is at long last back in front of his largest fanbase. On Friday night, Angle was the headliner for the WWE Hall of Fame, and brought the house down with a milk-soaked speech as he was inducted.

Angle has been talking loudly to anyone who will listen that he wants to wrestle for WWE again, but he was also expected to be on television regularly in some capacity. For over a month, the speculation has been that he was getting geared up to be Mick Foley’s replacement as the new Raw general manager. On Monday night, we got confirmation of that very fact. Oh, it’s true. It’s damn true.

On Monday night, Vince McMahon said it was time to shake things up on Raw, and seeing as how the show was without a general manager and commissioner Stephanie McMahon was out of commission, it was time to appoint a new GM. Teddy Long came out to accept the job, but Vince said it wouldn’t be him. He then introduced Angle, who came out to a thunderous ovation and a very familiar singalong.

Angle has previous experience as a general manager, as he helmed Smackdown for a while before he left WWE in the mid-2000s. We hope that his impressive resume can live up to the stresses of generally managing WWE’s flagship program.

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