Kurt Angle Originally Chose WWE Over WCW Because Ric Flair Told Him To

05.14.15 4 years ago 15 Comments

Ric Flair launched a new podcast called Wooo Nation and I’m all the way here for it. His first guest was Kurt Angle and it was damn entertaining. A few moments stuck out:

– Kurt Angle went to Ric Flair to ask him if he should go to WCW or WWE, as both were courting the Olympic gold medalist. Flair, who was wrestling for WCW at the time, insisted that Angle go work for the WWE. If anything, that should tell you how terrible WCW was for Flair that he’d insist one of the best athletes in the world go to Vince McMahon. Now I’m sad I never got to see 30 Kurt Angle vs. La Parka matches on Thunder.

– Angle is actually pretty forthright about not being able to stay at the WWE. He says he couldn’t cut the grind and praised John Cena for being able to take on that schedule. He’s very forthright about the end of his career at the WWE without begging to come back, which is nice.

– Ric Flair doesn’t cry. It’s the longest I’ve heard him talk without crying.

– The theme song is goddamn “All Gold Everything.”

Listen. Because when God gives us a blessing, we should take it.

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