Kurt Angle Admits He Used To Take ’65 Extra-Strength Vicodin A Day’

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09.24.16 10 Comments

Wrestling legend Kurt Angle is never too far from a lot of fans’ thoughts. Since the recent WWE brand split, rumors keep swirling about the possibility of Angle returning to the company that made him a megastar. The man himself says it’s a definite possibility for 2017, he’s helping WWE star Rhyno campaign for political office, and even Shane McMahon said he wouldn’t mind to mix it up with Angle again.

But for the moment, Angle is focused on his own projects, which include some admirable charity work and a lot of speaking dates. On a recent appearance the Dan Le Batard show, Kurt Angle discussed his battles with addiction in-depth and at length. He says he realized he had a problem at the height of his addiction, when he was at one point consuming 65 extra-strength Vicodin tablets a day.

As the stunned silence of the hosts and the hands-to-mouth reaction of one of the crew members can attest, that is a truly harrowing amount of pain killers. Just imagine taking 65 of any type of pill in a single day. Vitamins, calcium tablets, whatever. Sixty-five pills in a single day. That is mind-boggling.

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