Kurt Angle Didn’t Realize He Had Met Finn Bálor Before WWE

06.12.17 10 months ago 6 Comments


Kurt Angle is firmly ensconced as the general manager of WWE Raw, but there’s still a lot of speculation and scuttlebutt that he’ll eventually return to the ring for a final match or even a final stretch run of matches. Keep hope alive. Angle himself has a long list of opponents he’d love a chance to work with in today’s WWE, and the list from fans is even longer.

One of Angle’s dream opponents is a young man he calls one of the top three talents in the world, Finn Bálor. Angle has actually known Finn for over a decade, first running into him back when they were both working in Japan. But hilariously, so much time has passed (and Finn has changed so much) over the past handful of years that when Bálor tried to re-introduce himself to Angle in WWE, the Olympic hero didn’t recognize him and very nearly blew him off.

Angle explained in an interview with Metro:

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