Kurt Angle Is Telling Promoters He Has A WWE Return Date

Did you know that it’s been over 10 years since Kurt Angle was in WWE? Oh, it’s true. It’s damn true. Since leaving TNA, Angle has said he’ll “most likely” be making a return to WWE in 2017, but now he’s telling bookers that it’s a done deal.
Dave Meltzer reports in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Angle is telling promoters he is no longer taking independent wrestling dates, because he is returning to WWE in April. That could put his big WWE return either at WrestleMania 33 on April 2, or at the always-massive Raw the night after, which is traditionally when the big returns and debuts take place.

Angle will be working just two dates on the indies in 2017 as of right now: a match against Alberto Del Rio, and a match against Cody Rhodes. Meltzer rightfully notes that you should take Angle’s words with a grain of salt, because he’s said he’s on the verge of a WWE return a great many times over the past decade, and WWE sources have denied there’s anything in place for Angle coming in. He also notes that Angle’s return has always been a Vince McMahon call, and if Vince sees value in him coming back, it will happen.

But come on, guys. You already put the tag titles on American Alpha. You’re already prepared to bring back Shelton Benjamin. Just let it happen. Team Angle 2.0. Let’s do this. We deserve to see Angle and Chad Gable in the same room at some point, and we won’t rest until it happens.