Kurt Angle’s Complicated History At WWE Survivor Series

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WWE will present the 2018 iteration of Survivor Series on Sunday, and as of this writing, Hall of Famer Kurt Angle is not on the card. According to recent reports, the former Raw general manager may have actually been written out of previous plans to appear at Survivor Series, as he was last seen losing a lopsided match to Drew McIntyre. That match — Angle’s first singles match on Raw in 13 years — was for a spot on the Raw men’s Survivor Series team, and was structured to make it look like Angle was over the hill, and that McIntyre is a fearsome monster, and the future.

If Angle is indeed off Survivor Series (and that’s a big if, as injuries and other things have the company completely up in the air right now, and anything is liable to happen at any time), it’s unfortunate, and it might hit close to home for the Olympic gold medalist, as he made his televised WWE debut at Survivor Series nearly 20 years ago, and his history on the “Big Four” show is a long and complicated one.

Angle debuted at Survivor Series on November 14, 1999, the first of seven consecutive Survivor Series appearances. He would then depart to TNA (later Impact Wrestling) for over a decade before finally returning to WWE in 2017. Later that same year, he would appear in the main event of his eighth Survivor Series … and what very well may be his last.

Taken together as a collection, Angle’s Survivor Series appearances tell a nearly complete story of his professional wrestling career (at the very least, a complete story of his WWE career to date), as he moved through several incarnations of the same character in short order before settling into the Kurt Angle that we immediately recognize today. As is always the case in a lengthy wrestling career, it’s all part of a whole, and it’s fascinating to take a step back and observe Angle’s Survivor Series history.