Raw And Smackdown Are Putting Aside Their Gang War To Celebrate The LA Clippers

Despite an episode of Raw that ended with Becky Lynch helping lead the charge as Smackdown put the show “under siege” and violently attacked everyone on the roster, she’ll be teaming up with some Raw stars this weekend for a special cause: the Los Angeles Clippers.

This Saturday in Los Angeles, Lynch will join The Miz, Enzo Amore — assuming his voice is better by then — and Darren Young minus Bob Backlund as part of WWE Night at the Staples Center. They’re calling it “ClipperMania,” which is great, although I would’ve gone with “Basket Balls Of Fire.”

WWE and your LA Clippers are teaming up for match-up of the year. Be on hand Saturday, October 28th vs. the Detroit Pistons at 7:30pm as we celebrate WWE Night.

Order your tickets online, use promo code “WWE”, and receive a throwback WWE style Clippers Tee. We look forward to seeing you at the game!

Here’s a look at the flyer, and an unusually friendly advertisement from The Miz:

One thing: how do you have a WWE night with the Clippers that includes a Smackdown star and not send die-hard Clippers homer Handsome Rusev? That guy even reps and defends the Clippers in slam dunk contests. Who knows, maybe he’s doing a run-in?