WWE Issued A Statement On LaMelo Ball’s ‘Inappropriate Language’ During Monday Night Raw

If you missed Monday’s episode of WWE Raw, you missed LaVar Ball and his sons Lonzo and LaMelo guest starring in one of the most bizarre, nonsensical segments in recent memory.

The bit was supposed to be about The Miz wanting to form a partnership with the “Big Baller Brand.” Instead, WWE gave the Balls a live microphone on live TV during primetime, so the interview featured wacky running, shirtless karate and a couple of n-bombs.

As you might imagine, WWE is freaking out about that this morning. The LA Times reached out to WWE for a statement, and this is what they had to say:

“The inappropriate language used by a guest during the ‘Miz TV’ segment was not scripted nor reflects WWE’s values.”

It’s important to note here that a 15-year old black kid saying it to be funny isn’t scripted and doesn’t reflect WWE’s values, but a white guy in his 60s saying it to be funny is good to go.

We imagine the lasting impact of this moment is that the next time the cast of The A-Team or whoever guest stars, they’ll be given a very rigid speech to recite verbatim and kept a mile and a half away from a live mic. We’d wish LaMelo the best in his future endeavors, but his dad has that under control.