Vince McMahon Was Reportedly ‘Very Happy’ With Lana And Lashley’s Wedding

Despite what people may have said about the wedding of Bobby Lashley and Lana — including CM Punk, racist shitheads, our fearless leader and countless others — there’s no doubt the segment was, at the very least, wildly popular. WWE has made it clear that getting people talking is the most important thing in sports entertainment, so it’s a safe assumption that Raw’s final main event segment of the decade went over well backstage.

Well, assume no more: According to, a source inside WWE confirmed that WWE head honcho Vince McMahon was “very happy” with the segment, which delivered some of the biggest ratings the show had seen in 2019, including the overrun:

“Vince has wanted to do more crazy stories like this but he has to balance things out to satisfy the people at USA [Network] and the sponsors. He got what he wanted this week and the overrun did nice numbers so Vince is in a good mood. They have things mapped out for the next few weeks and this could run until WrestleMania. Vince loves this storyline so much and he’s open to more off the wall ideas. All I can tell you is there is some Jerry Springer stuff coming.”

Given the numbers these segments have been pulling on YouTube — highlights of the Lana/Lashley wedding have done over 9 million views combined between the WWE and WWE On Fox YouTube channels, and this online exclusive clip of Lana continuing to melt down has notched another 3 million views — it’s clear that the Lana/Bobby Lashley/Liv Morgan/Rusev love/hate quadrangle will be on our respective screens of choice for quite some time.