Lana Has Signed A New WWE Contract, But Rusev Hasn’t

Rusev and Lana have been back in the spotlight recently, thanks to their cuckolding story with Bobby Lashley, which Rusev maintains is great, but nobody else seems to like quite as much. That feud will finally lead to a match on Sunday’s Starrcade Network Special, which will certainly not be the end of the story. Prior to this angle, real-life married couple Rusev and Lana were off TV for quite a while, with rumors swirling that they might be done with WWE. Today, it seems that at least one of them is not.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Lana has signed a new five-year contract, which will keep her in WWE through the end of 2024. The contract apparently makes allowances for her to take time off to pursue acting and other non-wrestling projects.

Rusev, however, is reportedly still in talks about his contract, and hasn’t signed anything so far. On one hand, it would seem weird if Lana stays in WWE and Rusev doesn’t. On the other hand, that could turn out to be what’s best for both of them. Rusev is a great wrestler, after all, and could probably get a contract with another major company.

Lana, meanwhile, isn’t known for her wrestling so much as her WWE-friendly blonde-haired beauty and willingness to participate in all sorts of TV stories. In fact, the Bobby Lashley storyline (not to mention her previous work with Dolph Ziggler and even Tamina) shows that she could be partnered with people besides her husband for TV purposes.

So maybe Rusev will leave, and Lana will stick around and watch her husband’s work from a distance like Renee Young and Peyton Royce do, or maybe he’s just waiting for the right offer and will ultimately also stick with WWE for the long haul. Time will tell.