Lana Is Reportedly Set To Return To WWE TV

WWE has recently seen an influx of performers who seemed to be on the outs with the company earlier this year make dramatic returns. Sasha Banks is now a heel with blue hair who’s facing Becky Lynch at Hell In A Cell, Lio Rush is number one contender to the Cruiserweight Championship, Luke Harper is reunited with his brother in bludgeoning, and Rusev might be the kayfabe father of Maria Kanellis’s baby.

But while Rusev is back on WWE TV with a sweet mustache, his real-life and kayfabe wife, Lana, is not. She hasn’t wrestled since the WrestleMania 35 pre-show Women’s Battle Royal and hasn’t played an on-screen managerial role either. However, according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, this doesn’t mean Lana is gone forever. The company reportedly has ideas for her character that they haven’t put into action yet.

Maybe the most insane direction (but also kind of logical?) direction WWE could go with Lana is having her get involved in the Mike-Maria-Rusev angle, making it even more dramatic and maybe leading to some kind of mixed tag match of Maria and Rusev vs. Mike and Lana. They’ve done multiple weird cheating angles with Lana and Rusev in the past! Of course, Lana has also competed in the women’s division and managed Tamina at one point, so there are a variety of things WWE could do with her just judging from what she’s done in the company in the past.

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