Lance Storm Thinks Madusa Should Be In The WWE Hall Of Fame, And He’s Totally Right

While Lance Storm may not be known for his intensely accurate opinions, or even his vivacious personality, for once one of his rants is spot on. Earlier this week he took to his website to make the argument for a serious consideration of Madusa/Alundra Blayze to be put into the WWE Hall of Fame. And you know what, guys? He’s actually totally right.

I’ve been putting some thought into the WWE HOF and who would be good candidates for 2015. For me one of the most standout deserving candidates is Madusa Miceli. I’ve mentioned her name a few times in the past when asked who I thought should go in, but since I had a little free time I did some quick Google research and am even more convinced she needs to go in. Seeing that WWE generally includes a woman inductee each year, I think she should be an even bigger shoe in.

Miceli broke into wrestling in 1984 and retired when WCW shut down in early 2001. Over those 17 years she worked full time for a major wrestling company for 14 of those years. She was both a manager/valet, and a widely respected wrestler.

Well…duh. I mean, I don’t need to make a concurrent argument for Madusa, especially considering that I’ve definitely already made one before. Most people will point to Trish Stratus or Lita as being those “Divas” that broke the mold, but realistically none of them could have existed without people like Luna Vachon, Bull Nakano, The Jumping Bomb Angels, or Alundra Blayze.

When you compare Madusa’s 17 yr career (14 yrs in major promotions) to those already in the HOF, how can she not be a viable candidate? The only reason I can come up with to deny her her spot in the WWE HOF is possible heat left over from her dumping the WWF Women’s Title into the trash on WCW Nitro. While I can see that being a sore spot, WWE has since employed Eric Bischoff, the guy who hired her and made her do to it. Hulk Hogan has also been welcomed back into the fold and given his rightful spot in the HOF, and certainly his role in the Monday Night WAR against WWE was much more damaging than Madusa’s.

Oh shit Lance, do you need a napkin for all that tea you just spilled? Now, here we are acting like the WWE Hall of Fame isn’t solely determined by personal relationships and is a legitimate barometer of accomplishment, however the double standard Storm calls out is spot on. Someone like, say, Kurt Angle, is pretty much a lock. Kurt Angle has made his bed with TNA, and as much as I am “The TNA Guy,” we all know that’s not the best thing to have on your resume.

The Monday Night Wars are over and done with, WWE won, and they are literally rewriting history in their favour week after week on the WWE Network. To say they were the victors is a massive understatement at this point. Come on, WWE. I think y’all have recovered from a lady dumping your belt in the trash to get a job by now. I mean, if we’re still lauding “the balls on Hogan” to spray paint the world title, or hailing Scott Hall and Kevin Nash for showing up in WCW and making one of the biggest, most memorable moves in wrestling history, why are we still demonizing an incredibly talented, accomplished woman for doing the same?

Oh. Right. I just answered my own question.

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