Giant Baylor TE LaQuan McGowan Wants To Be A WWE Star When He’s Done With Football

laquan mcgowan
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If you aren’t familiar with massive and wonderful Baylor TE LaQuan McGowan, he’s a 6-foot-7 410-pound former lineman who got moved to full-time tight end after scoring a touchdown in the Cotton Bowl and pretty much encapsulating the glory of the fat guy TD. There aren’t many things better.

In an interview with SB Nation, McGowan is ready for the NFL, but he’s also prepping for a post-NFL career in the world of pro wrestling. According to McGowan, he’s already been in talks with a “couple of people” and said they “might be interested” in him. Looks like Baron Corbin’s finally going to have a friend.

When asked, incredulously, if he was serious about planning this far ahead, McGowan deadpanned, “Yup. I’lllllll do it,” drawing it out for emphasis.

“I’ve watched it on TV. I’ve thought about, ‘What would be something good or something that I would enjoy doing for a decent, for a long period of time?'” he said. “For big guys in the NFL, they really don’t last that long.”

This isn’t a lifelong dream for McGowan. He started thinking about it recently, and he only watched the WWE occasionally while he was growing up. But he sounds determined to give it a try, with one thing left to figure out.

“I’ve been thinking, and I can’t come up with a nickname,” he said. “But I’ll get one. It’ll be the best nickname you’ve got out there, too.”

Can he wrestle as, “Finn Baylor?”

The best part is that nickname troubles aside, he’s already got, “Yup. I’lllllll do it,” as a catchphrase. It’s the spiritual successor to, “yip yip, what it do.”

Get ready to lose to this guy, Tyler Breeze:

UPDATE: Here’s confirmation that McGowan has been in talks with the right people, such as legendary WWE play-by-play man Jim Ross. Via Twitter:

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