LayCool Reunited At Last Night’s Raw, And It Was Flawless

Former WWE Diva Michelle McCool’s Instagram account is a goldmine. Remember when her husband, previously a supernatural zombie mortician’s aid named THE UNDERTAKER started showing up on it as an average Texas dad with a cool t-shirt collection? And then they did a family fun run?

The latest gem from her page is the backstage reunion of LayCool, the former NXT season 3 Pros and co-Women’s Champions. Michelle’s been away from wrestling since 2011 and Layla hasn’t done anything besides “be Fandango’s girlfriend” and “lose to AJ Lee” in years, so it’s nice to see them get the band back together.

Want an easy way to make ‘Total Divas’ the best show on television? Add in-character LayCool to the show. I want to see them rattle off corny one-liner insults and give Nikki Bella some “real talk” about John Cena.