NBA Champion LeBron James Returned To Cleveland Wearing An Ultimate Warrior Shirt

Lebron James got people pumped up when he wore an Undertaker shirt before Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Then the Cavaliers went ahead and fulfilled destiny by doing the Undertaker sit-up and taking the final three games of the series to capture Cleveland’s first-ever NBA title.

So how does King James celebrate going into enemy territory and defeating the greatest regular-season of all time, the Golden State Warriors? By wearing an Ultimate Warrior. Because NBA MVP LeBron James is, absolutely, the ultimate warrior.

This, of course, goes hand in hand with Kevin Love celebrating the Game 7 victory by immediately donning an Austin 3:16 shirt. Now we have the full trifecta. Trolling via wrestling T-shirt is absolutely something that we heartily endorse here at With Spandex, so we encourage any and all athletes to start wearing such apparel in a mocking fashion.

Suggested recommendations:

– Wearing a Jake “The Snake” Roberts shirt after defeating the Diamondbacks in the postseason
– Wearing a Roman Reigns shirt after Italy loses in the World Cup
– Wearing a Razor Ramon shirt after you defeat someone in a knife fight
– Wearing a Sting shirt to go visit a friend with a bad bee allergy

Just like the Undertaker shirt, this Ultimate Warrior shirt was made by Homage. So if you want to pick one up for yourself and live like LeBron, head on over to Homage and pick one up.