If You Want To, You Can Watch Leslie Mann Describe John Cena’s Butt To Seth Meyers

We’ve seen John Cena in a lot of different positions lately: wedding officiator, pathetic beggar of the Undertaker for a WrestleMania match, and socially responsible Kids’s Choice Awards host. In the future, we might even see him host Blues Clues and become a father!

Leslie Mann, however, has seen John Cena in a position none of us are ever likely to on the set of their new movie, Blockers: bent over, naked from the waist down, for hours in order to film a scene that involves butt-chugging. She says she tried not to look at the Posterior That Runs The … Exterior? but did sneak a peek while trying to shield him from the extras. Here’s how she describes it:

[With] a normal butt … there’s not, like … there’s not a lot of space between the outside and what it’s covering. So, like, when it moves around, like mine, you can see … that area. His butt, it’s like two giant … there’s like four inches from the outside to [gestures] … So even if he’s bent over, you can’t see anything. He’s like “I don’t care!”

Is this … is this what “You can’t see me” has been referring to this entire time? I don’t know, but I do know that I never want Leslie Mann to see or describe any part of my body!