Let’s Celebrate The Bushwhackers In The WWE Hall Of Fame By Watching Their ‘Family Matters’ Appearance

The Bushwhackers will be going in the WWE Hall of Fame, kids. That means that all it takes is the ability to bend your arms and move them up and down while having a proclivity for licking other guys in their faces. There are a lot of skeptics who don’t think the Bushwhackers deserve to be in the Hall, especially considering that Too Cool isn’t in it. We are outraged that Too Cool isn’t in the Hall of Fame, right?

I have two words for people who don’t think the Bushwhackers should be in the Hall of Fame: Family Matters. In Season 5, Urkel and Karl accidentally gave two wrestlers some sleepy medicine and had to cover for them in a match. Little did they know, they’d eventually have to wrestle the Bushwhackers. The match went as they usually did on sitcoms. The main characters hop in the match thinking it’s fake, but GASP, kayfabe is alive, and it hurts more than they thought. It’s sort of like when a gift randomly appears on the Christmas episodes and they all look at each other quizzically because Santa might be real.

There isn’t a regular video of the episode, so here’s Dr. Dre rapping over the match with highlights because it’s probably how God intended for us to watch a Family Matters fake wrestling episode.

Congrats, Bushwhackers. Too Cool is next!