Let’s Rock: Al Bundy Has Officially Challenged CM Punk To A Fight (Updated)

Update: The tweet below was the work of an unverified/parody account. Per Rener Gracie, Ed O’Neill does not have Twitter. THANKS FOR RUINING THE FUN RENER. 

Since announcing his move to UFC seemingly every guy on the planet with two functional arms and legs has challenged CM Punk to a fight. So far he hasn’t accepted any of them, but now Punk has a celebrity challenger he can’t laugh off as easily as the Green Ranger. Yes, Ed “Al Bundy” O’Neill himself has now called out Punk via Twitter….


The funny thing is, Ed may actually have deeper MMA credentials than Punk. The dude is a legit jiu-jitsu black belt and has been training with the Gracies for over two decades. No, really.

Here’s some more evidence of Ed’s “qualifications”…

What a wonderful show. Anyways, yeah, if Punk accepts and the fight ends with Ed O’Neill running Punk into a door frame, my life will be complete.

via Wrestling Inc.