Let’s Wonder How Bad My View Will Be At WrestleMania 29

What you see above (with a hat tip to the entire Internet at once, and a specific hat tip from me to John Canton) is the still-in-progress set for Sunday’s WrestleMania 29 event at MetLife Stadium. Yes, that’s the Statue of Liberty. The actual one, I hope. And yes, that’s the Empire State Building. It’s very important to WWE that everyone knows their New Jersey WrestleMania is taking place in New York City.

I’ll be attending this event live, just like last year. The good news (so far) is that the Empire State Building is way in the back and the Statue of Liberty is on TOP of everything, and as of now there are no giant solid pillars blocking my view. If you remember WrestleMania 28, you may recall the four giant palm trees around the ring blocking the view of everybody not lined up perfectly with or 15 feet from the ring. Readers of the Best and Worst of WrestleMania 28 Live may remember my view specifically, which was … well, this:

So … fingers crossed, I guess?

Knowing my luck, they’ll prop up the lights with four 2001-style monoliths with NOT NEW JERSEY written down them.