That Time Lilian Garcia Thought The Usos Won A Grammy Award

WWE is still doing that thing where it considers Slammy Awards important. This should go on for a few more months – we’re probably in the clear once Wrestlemania is over – but for the next couple of months, every introduction by a Slammy-winning competitor is going to be prefaced with “…winner of the Slammy Award for [thing]” or some variation of that statement.

The biggest losers in all of this are the ring announcers, who need to mention this all the time and run the risk of forgetting some minor detail. Unfortunately, Lilian Garcia fell into that trap during Monday night’s episode of Raw. While introducing the Usos before their match against Curtis Axel and Adam Rose, poor Garcia misspoke and said that the Usos won a Grammy Award instead of a Slammy Award.

Sure, it was a minor misstep, but people on the Internet still decided to make a few jokes at her expense. Fortunately, she decided to roll with it and took to Twitter to laugh at herself after she made the most innocent mistake of all time.

Considering that a bunch of other small mistakes will happen during your standard episode of Raw, this is nothing, and kudos to Garcia for being able to take it all in stride even though she made a mistake on live television.