Listen To Seth Rollins Thank Roman Reigns While Winning The WWE Title

The main-event of WrestleMania 31 was a pretty big moment for Seth Rollins. He finally cashed in his battered Money in the Bank briefcase, and like some sort of mantis-vulture hybrid, picked the bones of an already battered Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, pinning the latter to win the WWE Championship.

On closer audio inspection of the actual pinfall, Rollins said, “Thank you so much” to Reigns. It makes sense, Rollins and Reigns had been running mates in The Shield for a long time, so a friendship would have blossomed. Why not thank a good friend for being part of a special moment in your life?

On the other hand, maybe Rollins was thanking Roman for persuading Vince McMahon that the world wouldn’t crumble to ash if the handsome boy horse prince got pinned at WrestleMania, preventing Rollins from being banished to the cornfields.

It’s probably the first one, though. Right?

(H/T to Mike Dyce)