Lita Found Out She’d Be Competing at ‘Evolution’ When WWE Announced It


Lita’s grand return to the ring will take place at WWE’s all-women pay-per-view, Evolution, on October 28 against Mickie James in a rematch from her 2006 retirement match.

While the four-time WWE Women’s Champion is undoubtably excited to be part of the historic event, she apparently didn’t have much of a heads up she would be wrestling on the card. Here’s what Lita said in an interview with The Sun:

“We were told a while ago that there was going to be an all-women pay-per-view and they were still getting it together, but they asked if I’d be interested in being a part of it in some capacity – and I told them to count me in. That’s pretty much all the conversation was. I didn’t know if I’d be doing commentary or even just being invited to attend to support the women. And then I found out when you all did that Mickie James would be my opponent and I would not just be a part of Evolution but I’d actually be in the ring. That’s when you just hold your breath and go with it.”

WWE is pulling out all the stops for the big show, with just two confirmed matches so far, including Lita’s tilt with Mickie James and Alexa Bliss’s showdown with Trish Stratus. Although a heads up is probably warranted here, including Stratus and Lita is the right call for such a monumental moment in WWE history.

The PPV event will also feature matches for the Raw Women’s Championship, Smackdown Women’s Championship, NXT Women’s Championship, and the final of the Mae Young Classic. As noted by Stephanie McMahon, 50 women will participate in the event.