Low Ki Is Reportedly Done With Global Force Wrestling Yet Again

Back in April, Low Ki returned to what was, at the time, Impact Wrestling. Low Ki, for those of you who somehow read With Spandex and might not be aware, is a massively fan favorite cult figure in the world of both independent wrestling and pro wrestling in general, but he never really hangs around many promotions for very long. Dude won season two of NXT and got his release like two months later.

When Ki returned to Impact (and then GFW) this year, he debuted his new Hitman-inspired character, who wrestled his matches in a full suit. This was his fourth stint in TNA/Impact/GFW, and in his 2017 in GFW thus far, he won his fifth X Division Championship, feuded with Sonjay Dutt, and joined LAX. And now it looks like he’s gone again.

PWInsider reported that Low Ki parted ways with Global Force Wrestling over the course of their last marathon set of tapings this past week. (The same set of tapings that Tyrus publicly abstained from taking part in.) There is some dispute over why exactly Low Ki has taken his fifth leave from the company, as conflicting sources cite financial disagreements, or possibly Low Ki being upset that he was not being considered for inclusion in the world title picture.

The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter indicates that the latter is the case, as Ki didn’t get his storyline title shot against Alberto El Patron due to Patron being stripped of the world title, but was then inserted back into the X Division rather than be selected as one of the people to challenge for the vacant championship. The Obersver also notes that Ki was only signed to a six-month contract by GFW when he returned.

Regardless of the reason, it appears as though GFW is once again Ki-less, and that’s a shame. It’s also a shame that Ki has a track record of never really hanging around anywhere very long. He was the first-ever Ring of Honor champion, but hasn’t worked for ROH since 2006. He’s a three-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, but hasn’t worked for New Japan since 2013. It will be interesting to see where Low Ki pops up again. Or maybe we’ll just wait another eight months or so and he’ll be back with GFW.