Get Somehow Even More Hype With The First Issue Of The Lucha Underground Comic Book

It’s no secret that With Spandex is in love with Lucha Underground. To characterize our reaction when season two was announced as “there was much rejoicing” is vastly underselling things. Now, with season two premiering on Wednesday night, With Spandex is reaching critical mass levels of hype.

To push everyone over the edge for the greatest television show that happens to take place in the universe of lucha libre, El Rey and Lucha Underground have released the first issue of the LU comic book, which makes sense when you remember that showrunner Eric Van Wagenen told Stone Cold Steve Austin back in July:

“The bigger goal for Lucha Underground is not to be putting on major pay-per-views and big touring six nights a week. The bigger goal for us is to create super heroes. We’d much rather be The Avengers than WrestleMania. Our endgame is movies, animated series, comic books, cartoons. It’s all the stuff in the Marvel world, so we create a Marvel world, we create those Marvel cliffhangers. We create those sort of Marvel superheroes, where the women are just as tough as the men, and there are a few people with special powers. There’s Mil Muertes defying death, and Fenix has a thousand lives. We’re slowly treading into the super natural.”

We’ve already seen some supernatural stuff on the show proper, with Drago and Aero Star transmogrifying into a dragon and a spaceship, respectively, plus Catrina and her Merry Murder Men having teleportation powers. Now, in the first issue of the comic, “Peace Keeper,” we see some more supernatural antics.

Yes, those are the current LU Trios champs, the Disciples of Death, straight-up stealing some luchador skulls and/or possibly souls with hiss-based lighting powers.

The reason the DoD need those skulls becomes apparent after a few pages; they have to add to Catrina’s skull throne! Makes sense that she’d add her own little personal touches after taking over the temple at the end of Ultima Lucha.

I don’t want to disclose too much of the comic, because it’s not a long read, but the jist of it is Rey Mysterio has heard of El Dragon Azteca’s death and is trying to find out more information. This leads him to wrestling a punk rock version of King Hippo, and openly calling for the go home spot. There’s also a brief appearance from everyone’s favorite demonic pope, Vampiro!

Lucha Underground season two is on El Rey network on Wednesday nights. I don’t know the publishing schedule of the LU comic, but I wish it was “always.”