This Lucha Underground Infographic Outlines All Of Dario Cueto’s Evil Connections

Lucha Underground is, at its core, a tale of corruption, desire, and competition. (It’s also a tale of gods inhabiting Splatterhouse meat boys, an actual literal dragon in the form of a man, a time-traveling luchador from the stars, a cabal of evil snake persons, and a whole lot more, but let’s go with the “corruption and desire” angle.) We’re waiting for season three to return from hiatus, but it’s worth taking some time to examine said corruption a bit. I mean, we’ve got the time.

The core of Lucha Underground’s corruption is, of course, the man who owns and operates the Temple where the action takes place, Dario Cueto. Dario’s very favorite thing to do in the world is manipulate people for his own benefit and/or amusement. It’s been two and a half seasons now, and the web of corruption continues to grow. To help keep track of all of his connections and underlings, our friends at El Rey Network have put together this handy infographic. (Click here to view it in its glorious full size.)

This is definitely a good at-a-glance refresher, and a reminder of how much story Lucha Underground has told in its short existence. Perhaps most intriguing on this graphic is positioning Councilman Delgado above Cueto, although that doesn’t necessarily mean Delgado is his boss.

Also worth noting: this is the only wrestling infographic you’re likely to see where multiple characters have killed multiple other characters.

Season 3 of Lucha Underground returns to El Rey Network on May 31. We can only imagine how much more intricate this web of deviousness will become.