Lucha Underground Is Now Available On iTunes, So You’re Out Of Excuses

We’ve been heaping due praise on El Rey Network’s Lucha Underground since episode one, scene one, and the feedback is always the same: This show seems bonkers and batsh*t wonderful, but where am I supposed to watch it? There have always been options, but the show’s never been made legally available on a platform everyone has easy access to and actually uses.

Until now. [dramatic braaaaaammmmp]

You are officially out of excuses to not be watching the best wrestling show on TV — and one of the best shows on TV, period — as season one and what’s aired of season two of Lucha Underground are available on iTunes. Here’s the info, via an El Rey Network press release:

FactoryMade Ventures has announced the addicting original “Lucha Underground” is available exclusively on iTunes starting today. Coined by Slate as “one of the most riveting shows on TV” and “the best-kept secret in pro wrestling” by, the action-packed, high-flying lucha libre wrestling series from Emmy Award-winning producer Mark Burnett, MGM, Robert Rodriguez and FactoryMade Ventures and Skip Film is now available at for $1.99 SD / $2.99 HD per episode, $34.99 SD / $44.99 HD for Season 1, and $29.99 SD / $39.99 HD for a Season 2 Season Pass.

“Lucha Underground” content on iTunes includes all 39 episodes from Season one, the first five episodes of Season two, and additional new episodes the day after they air on El Rey Network (Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT). Starting today through March 28, fans can get the Season two premiere of “Lucha Underground” for free, and the Season two trailer will be available for free indefinitely.

If you haven’t watched the show yet, get on it right now. Close this tab, open your iTunes and buy season one. If we’re going to start a revolution, now’s the time to do it. Fall in love with all the reincarnated dragons, time-traveling alien astronauts, daredevil werewolves and pissed-off ninja skeletons we’ve been happily clapping our hands about for a year. Catch up, realize how rewarding it is to support a show that gives a sh*t about the people who watch it, and be here with us to watch the new episodes every Wednesday night.

This is not a request.