Get Pumped For Lucha Underground’s Return With This New Trailer

05.26.17 10 months ago 7 Comments


We’ve followed all the behind-the-scenes drama, we’ve read about the partnerships, we’ve discovered the ins and outs of the contracts, and we’ve looked at the infographics. Next week, our long, long, long wait will finally come to an end, because Lucha Underground will be back. All your favorites return! Skeleton Guy! Dragonface! Lil’ Flippy!

We joke, we joke; we know their names. All of the names. Even the super obscure characters. Like Mom of Son of Havoc, and her knowledge of friendship-sustaining Bagel Bites. At any rate, like I said, Lucha Underground resumes its third season on Wednesday on El Rey Network, and the company has released a swank mid-season premiere trailer for your eyeballs’ pleasure. Check it:

While the mid-season premiere will consist of an All Night Long match between Johnny Mundo and The Mack for the Lucha Underground Championship, we have to believe there will be SOME of the behind-the-scenes cinematics for which LU is so famous and beloved.

And it looks like there’s still a whole lot of drama and wonderfulness to come in season three’s back twenty-or-so, because there’s Cage with an Infinity Gauntlet, Mariposa and Catrina up to their evil ways, Mil Muertes being more powerful than ever, and of course Dario Cueto pulling all the strings.

Just a few more days now. How we’ve missed you, Lucha Underground.

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