Best News Ever: Lucha Underground Season 2 Has Finally Been Confirmed

If you’re like me, there’s been a pissed-off ninja skeleton-shaped hole in your heart since El Rey Network’s Lucha Underground season one finale. Over the course of 39 episodes, the show grew from a curiosity into a religion; from a sports entertainment anomaly into the best pro wrestling show on television. Then, in a swirl of blood and flaming tables and guys literally turning into dragons, it was gone.

Excuse me while I dance around in circles, because Lucha Underground season two has finally been confirmed. ALL HAIL THE DARK MASTER!

The time without Lucha Underground has been stressful. We’ve had lots of half-answered questions about TV deals and the high cost of running a wrestling show, and talent practically begging for the show to start up again. Lucha stars like Pentagon Jr., Aero Star, Drago and Fenix have shown up in stateside promotions as diverse as PWG and Chikara Pro, but it hasn’t been the same. We need The Temple, we need the dramatic backstage vignettes, and, most importantly, we need Dario Cueto.

Now the questions begin. Are we headed back to Boyle Heights? Are we relocating? Is Cueto still driving around with Black Lotus and Matanza? Did the spirit of El Dragon Azteca switch bodies? Is Rey Mysterio Jr. showing up? Who is Marty “The Moth” Martinez’s sister? HALLELUJAH, WE’RE GONNA GET ANSWERS FOR ALL OF IT.