The Lucha Underground Season 2 Trailer Is Here, And It’s Spectacular

El Rey Network dropped a trailer for season two of Lucha Underground on Saturday night, and I’m posting it with two warnings:

Warning No. 1: It’s HEAVY with spoilers — I’m talking game-changing spoilers here — so if you watch it, know that going in. That said, it’s a trailer, so they’re supposed to show you SOMETHING. Think of it like a movie trailer. Here’s Han Solo, but that’s not the whole story, you know?

Warning No. 2: If you love the show and season one, this trailer will make you crap your pants.

Oh God, there’s so much to talk about. The Unlikely Trio returning to the Temple. Vampiro in what appears to be top secret government therapy, IN THE DESERT! Sexy Star handling the whole “being kidnapped by a psychotic mothman” thing. Dragon nunchuck battles with Justin Gabriel! A ninja army guy who … shoots people? AN ARMY OF PENTAGONS. PUNCHING THROUGH A PUNCHING BAG. CONFIRMATION OF EL JEFE. And then, in the final seconds, confirmation that one of the biggest stars in lucha libre history is spending season two in The Temple. Holy sh*t, you guys.

Unreal. Lucha Underground returns to TV screens you should absolutely be watching on January 27. That’s a Wednesday. Make a calendar update. You don’t have anything better to be doing on a Wednesday night.