Lucha Underground Has An Official Return Date

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04.28.17 4 Comments

It’s sort of hard to believe that Lucha Underground’s third season has been on hiatus since January. It also seems like more Lucha Underground news has happened during that hiatus than happened during the first half of the season. Pentagon Jr. left AAA and changed his name, the first two seasons got put on Netflix, and now we might be on the verge of LU characters showing up on Impact Wrestling.

But our long national lack of unique opportunities is nearly at an end. There is an official date for the second half of season three’s premiere, and we only have to wait … a little over a month more. DANG IT. Lucha Underground returns on Wednesday, May 31. Same literal dragon time, same literal dragon channel.

It’s a tough call as to what we’ve missed the most. Is it Paul London’s weird rabbit tribe? Is it being able to see The Mack on television? Is it not being subjected to Famous B’s phone number constantly? Is it the FRIENDSHIP VIA BAGEL BITES product placement? Is it Worldwide Underground?

… Yes, actually. It’s Worldwide Underground. We miss Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans, Taya, and PJ Black the most. Hurry back to us, you güeros locos y güera loca. It’s been far too long.

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